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Lavah Streams Limited (“Lavah”) has a network of strategic relationships with international oil companies holding supply agreements with major oil refineries, as well as several other independent suppliers. We offer reliable supply throughout the world, giving our customers more control over pricing and supply, and providing added protection against market volatility.

Lavah will handle the challenges of fuel procurement to better manage costs, operations, administrative functions, and budgets. Our team of locals and expatriate professionals are ready to provide the best service to meet the fuel needs of our customers worldwide, on a daily basis.

Lavah facilitates the supply and purchase transactions of refined petroleum products (such as, D2, Jet Fuels, ULSD, EN590 & D6), Crude oils (such as Mayan Crude, Olmeca, Bonny Light Crude oil). Lavah’s team has over twenty years of commercial experience throughout south, central and north America as well as the Caribbean region; seven years experience with a wide network throughout the region of end buyers and resellers located in Colombia, Venezuela the U.S. and the Caribbean and Russia.

Lavah’s team also has relevant experience in the mid-east, mainly United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Also in Great Britain, Algeria and Azerbaijan; worked extensively with exploration and production wells on-shore and off-shore; using sonar, imagining, electrical and radiation tools to increase oil production.

Lavah’s team is well-versed in the financial and banking industries, as well as the various corporate structures and jurisdictions. The team has extensive experience reviewing complex contracts and dealing with multi-tiered/waterfall fee allocations and calculations. Lavah’s services include providing the knowledge and networks needed in the purchases/sales of petroleum. Lavah services a broad range of customers, including major passenger airlines and cargo carriers.

Company information:

Lavah Streams Limited

BVI Company Number 2014183
Incorporated 29 May 2019

Registered office address:
Commerce House, Wickhams Cay 1, PO Box 3140
Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands VG1110